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Bargaining Unit Executive Elections

The Teachers' / Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit Council encourages nominations from members for the following positions on the Bargaining Unit Executive:


Members may submit nominations using the Nomination Form provided.

Nominations received 45 days prior to the annual meeting (Monday March 26, 2018 by 4pm) shall be considered on-time, and candidates shall be eligible to participate in the campaign period (subject to the conditions of By-Law 10).  

Additionally, on-time candidates for President may participate in All-Candidates Meetings in each region of the District.

Written nominations for other Executive positions (Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) may be received up to 12pm on May 10, 2018, and nominations may also be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting of the Bargaining Unit Assembly.


  • Election of the President shall be conducted by secret ballot of the membership, in branches and online May 3 & 4, 2018.  Results of the vote shall be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Bargaining Unit Assembly on Friday May 11, 2018.
  • Election of the remaining Executive positions (Vice President (2), Treasurer, and Secretary) shall be conducted by secret ballot of the delegates of the Bargaining Unit Assembly at the Annual Meeting on May 11, 2018.


For more information, please see the postings above or contact the District Office.



Pathways to Leadership for Women Handbook

The OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Status of Women Standing Committee has created a document for women and women-identified members, called "Pathways". This resource has three goals: identifying the potential pathways to leadership for women in their union, suggesting the skills, attributes, and responsibilities these pathways might require and illuminating the resources that OSSTF/FEESO provides for members that can facilitate their pursuit of leadership. This resource also recognizes that every woman’s experience will be different, depending on the nature of their job class, worksite, Bargaining Unit and District. The Committee’s hope is that the document will inspire more women to learn about the numerous ways they can get involved in their union and make a difference.

Limited paper copies of this document were distributed to all Presidents or their designates who attended the November 2017 meeting of Provincial Council. This resource is also available on the OSSTF website in both English and French on the Equity page.

For more information on getting involved with OSSTF locally or provincially, please contact Colin Matthew at the District office.  For more information on the ‘Pathways’ document, please contact Tracey Marshall at the OSSTF Provincial Office.