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Ontario Provincial Election 2018

With the provincial election now very close at hand, every voter will have their own set of priorities and criteria for determining which party’s platform deserves their support on election day. For OSSTF/FEESO members, that decision should be based in no small part on how well the respective parties’ platforms measure up against our own education platform, Public Education— It’s For Everyone. Our platform identifies key education issues we believe need to be addressed, and asks for specific actions the next government needs to take in order to address those issues effectively.

To help you assess how the major parties’ platforms measure up against OSSTF/FEESO’s platform, OSSTF has prepared a comparison of the education platforms of the four major political parties with our own education platform. This document will be updated as parties reveal their platforms during the election campaign.

In addition, a new section has been added to the OSSTF/FESSO provincial website called Provincial Election Watch to help members stay up to date on media articles related to the upcoming Provincial Election, and to provide helpful links.

This is an important election for the future of Ontario – please educate yourself on the issues and the platforms, and on June 7th cast your vote!