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  • District Office Summer Hours & Closure

    The District Office will be open during the summer from June 29 - July 17, and will re-open on August 17 in preparation for the new school year.  During the period of closure, email and phone messages will be monitored for urgent matters.  Matters of a non-urgent nature will be dealt with upon the office re-opening in August.

    Please have a safe, restful, and relaxing summer.


    As per the Teachers'/Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit Constitution & By-Laws, the position of Chairperson of the Bargaining Unit Council is being advertised to members of District 15.  Please click here to download the posting.

    Interested parties are encouraged to apply, following the instructions on the posting.  Questions can be directed to President Colin Matthew at the District Office.


  • Education Week, May 4 - 8, 2015

    This year we will celebrate the 85th anniversary of Education Week from May 4 to May 8, 2015.  The theme for Education Week 2015 is “Public Education: A Solid Foundation for a Solid Future”.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of Education Week to highlight the many positive activities and initiatives in which our members participate within our public education system.

    In District 15, we will close Education Week with the presentation of District Awards - recognizing some of the outstanding contributions that members have made - at the Annual Meeting of the Teachers’/Occasional Teachers’ Bargaining Unit Assembly on May 8, 2015.

    Education Week 2015



  • Equal Pay Day — April 20, 2015

    Equal Pay Day is the date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. It is marked internationally, with many countries having dates in April or later. In Ontario in 2009, that date was April 9. In 2014, April 16th. In 2015, April 20th. The gap is NOT getting smaller.

    As a member of the Equal Pay Coalition (EPC), OSSTF/FEESO works closely with many partners to further the issues surrounding equal pay, pay equity and the gender pay gap at numerous tables.

    The Ontario Government has made some recent significant commitments to closing the 31.5% gender pay gap. The Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues has received instruction from the Premier to work with the Minister of Labour to develop a wage gap strategy and to “collaborate with colleagues across government to ensure that a gender lens is brought to government strategies, policies and programs.”

    We ask that all members wear red on April 20th to show recognition and awareness of the need to close the gender wage gap in Ontario between the 68.5 cents made by working women for every man’s dollar.

    For more information, check out the Equal Pay Coalition website.



  • Job Posting: Federation Officer

    As per the Teachers'/Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit Constitution & By-Laws, the position of Federation Officer is being advertised to members of District 15.  Please click here to download the posting.

    Interested parties are encouraged to apply, following the instructions on the posting.  Questions can be directed to President Colin Matthew at the District Office.



  • Statement on International Women’s Day from OSSTF President Paul Elliott

    March 6, 2015 — On Sunday, March 8, OSSTF/FEESO members will join with women’s organizations, other unions, and workers all over the world in marking International Women’s Day.   It’s a day on which we celebrate the countless social, political and economic achievements of women across the globe, and the significant advances in women’s rights brought about by the tireless work of activists over the years.

    In Canada, many of those advances have been brought about through gains made by unions. Provisions for pregnancy/parental leave, family care leave and pay equity all point to the important role that unions have played in improving the lives of women and their families.

    But International Women’s Day is also a time to reflect on the breadth and the scope of the work that still remains to be done. Read more ...



  • District 15 Supports Striking Ontario CCAC Health Professionals

    On January 30, 2015 members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) in bargaining units at Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) across the province went on strike over fair wages.  Click here to read the ONA press release and learn more.

    68 of these striking workers are members of our communities, living and working within the boundaries of District 15.  As a result, OSSTF District 15 has made a contribution to ONA’s strike fund, as per our policy.  OSSTF District 15 members are encouraged to bundle up and support these workers on the picket lines who are just looking for a fair deal.  Information regarding picket lines can be found here.

    Click here to see the related article in the Special February Edition of the District 15 newsletter.


  • A Christmas Message from the President

    Teachers change the world.  Though this is oft repeated, it cannot be overstated.  As if evidence of this were needed, we recall desperate attempts by extremists to silence the voices of teachers and extinguish the curiosity of students around the globe.  In September, 42 male student teachers were kidnapped and presumably murdered in Iguala, Mexico.  More recently a Taliban attack in Peshawar, Pakistan left 141 people dead: mostly pupils but also teachers and the school’s principal.  While these are without doubt faraway events, in the internet age we can hardly pretend to be isolated from extremism or immune to attempts at radicalization, often directed at our most vulnerable youth.

    At this most peaceful time of year when many of us are able to reflect on the gifts we have it is appropriate that we consider our role as educators and as OSSTF members.  As each of us changes the world by challenging pupils to open their minds and engage in the world around them, so too our Federation membership allows us the opportunity to shape the province in which these students will grow, work and raise their own families.  We must continue to fight together with our provincial, national, and global partners to ensure the lamp of learning shines over all parts of the globe regardless of race, religion, sex, or socio-economic privilege. 

    In Ontario we enjoy a standard of living arguably unparalleled anywhere in the world.  One need only visit the local farmer’s market; paddle, hike or ski one of our Provincial Parks; skate at the local arena; or enjoy any one of Ontario’s many publicly funded cultural attractions to know what an incredible province Ontario’s taxpayers have created over the last 150 years.  These things did not come easily and are not to be taken for granted. 

    Without question excellent public education has played a significant role in making this province what it is, and while the last two years have introduced a level of uncertainty and discontent not seen in Ontario schools since the Mike Harris years, OSSTF continues to lead the fight for public education in Ontario.  Your provincial executive is working on your behalf with the provincial government and the school boards to improve working conditions for teachers, your district leadership continues to develop positive lines of communication with the local district school board – most recently seen in the December 6 remembrance; and District 15 members continue to engage their local communities.

    As you break, recharge, and prepare for the final onslaught in semester 1, I encourage each of you to consider not just how blessed you are to be a secondary teachers in Ontario but also your role in our Federation.  What does the Federation do for you and what can you do for it?  As we hurl towards 2015 consider how you, as a teacher and OSSTF member, will work to ignite the lamp and impact the world we all share.

    Have a restful holiday.  Enjoy time with family and friends.  Come out and skate at your local arena on December 29 and have a safe and happy new year!

    Colin Matthew
    President OSSTF District 15

  • Holiday Free Skates!

    OSSTF District 15 is hosting holiday free skates for members across the District on December 29, 2014.

    There is no cost.  Members are encouraged to attend, and bring family and friends to enjoy the season on skates.  Ice time has been booked at local arenas as follows:

    Bracebridge: 3pm - 4pm
    Fenelon Falls: 11am - 12pm
    Gravenhurst: 3pm - 4pm
    Haliburton: 3pm - 4pm
    Huntsville: 3pm - 4pm
    Lindsay: 11am - 12pm



    We hope that you'll join us!  Happy Holidays!


  • AMPA 2015 - Delegate Nominations Now Open!

    The District Office is now receiving nominations from members interested in serving on the District 15 delegation to the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assemby (AMPA) for 2015, to be held March 13 - 16, 2015 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

    District 15 will be selecting a total of 6 delegates and 2 alternates.  At least one of the delegates must be a member of the PSSP Bargaining Unit, and at least one delegate should be an occasional teacher.  Any member (teacher, occasional teacher, PSSP) is encouraged to submit a completed nomination form prior to the deadline.

    AMPA is the highest decision-making body of the Federation, and involves OSSTF delegates from across the province coming together to decide on amendments to the constitution, by-laws, budget, and policies, and to vote on various issues affecting the Federation, and to elect the Provincial Executive.

    Delegates and alternates are expected to attend the Central Regional Association's Pre-AMPA meeting (tentatively March 6 - 7, 2015).

    Please fax or email completed nomination forms to the District Office before the deadline of 4pm on Friday December 5, 2014.

    Any questions should be directed to District President, Colin Matthew at the District Office.