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  • OSSTF/FEESO Continues its Support of the Awareness and Prevention of Bullying

    TORONTO, ON - Nov 20 2013 — November 18-22, 2013 marks Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. During this week, activities in schools across the province will heighten awareness of what constitutes bullying and the impact it can have on the overall school climate. Read more ... 



  • IMPORTANT REMINDER Regarding the Memorandum of Understanding and Unpaid Days


    The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) specifies that only permanent day school teachers will have an unpaid day, December 20, 2013. Permanent day school teachers will not be expected to report to work on December 20, 2013.

    However, Long Term Occasional Teachers (LTOs) scheduled to work on December 20, 2013 will attend their home school to participate in professional activities according to a district school board agenda.

    Part time permanent teachers with a long term occasional assignment and part time LTOs must attend for part of the day that is equivalent to the number of sections for which they are employed as LTOs. For example, a teacher with 1 section of long term occasional work would attend for one third of the day.

    It is our understanding that the school board will be providing an agenda of activities that will allow part time LTOs to attend a session of their own choice. The Federation strongly suggests that part time LTOs communicate in writing to their administrator the part of the day that they will attend.

    If you do not wish to report to work on December 20, 2013, and subsequently not be paid, long term occasional teachers must apply for a Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program (VLAP) day.

    Questions or concerns regarding this notice should be directed to the District Office.



  • Paddling for Home with IE Weldon Secondary School

    November 4, 2013 - Teachers from IE Weldon Secondary School are out in the community again, this time 'Paddling for Home'. 

    Soliciting donations for A Place Called Home using a twenty-five foot long cedar strip canoe at local grocery stores, members are making an impact.  On their first time out, in just over 6 hours, they collected nearly a quarter tonne of food, as well as cash donations.Paddling for Home - IEW members collect food donations for A Place Called Home“While this was rewarding in itself, and the shelter directors were awestruck by the response, it was the reaction from community members that was the most gratifying to participants” said IE Weldon Branch President Colin Matthew.

    Over two days, Matthew estimates that the 15 teachers involved spoke to hundreds of community members who stopped to get a look at the canoe and contribute to the effort.  Some shared their personal stories.  “There was a women who told us that she had just left the shelter two weeks ago, and was glad to see us supporting such a worthy cause,” Matthew noted.  “She was able to contribute two cans of soup.  It seems like such a small act, but it’s a powerful thing”.

    A Place Called Home is a charitable, non-profit organization serving the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton County, that has been providing shelter and 24/7 support services to the homeless, and those at risk of becoming homeless, for more than 17 years.

    Members at IE Weldon are hoping to repeat their efforts, and to make it an bi-annual event, taking place in both the fall and spring.



  • OSSTF President Paul Elliott Addresses the Membership on Bill 122 and Upcoming Bargaining

  • School Boards Collective Bargaining Act - Bill 122

    School Board Collective Bargaining Act Banner ImageThe School Boards Collective Bargaining Act (Bill 122) was introduced by the Ontario Government on October 22, 2013.  The Bill proposes a framework for two-tiered bargaining for collective agreement between school boards and the education unions. Read more ...




  • Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Awards

    Student Achievement AwardsThe Student Achievement Awards is a writing and creative arts competition which is open to all public secondary school students in Ontario. The competition is meant to encourage the intellectual development of our students and an interest in society. The 1984 Provincial Assembly established the awards in honour of Marion Drysdale, a secretary at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office for twenty-two years, for her dedicated work over so many years.  
    Read more ...



  • Selection of Alternate Worksites Representatives

    Elections have been called to select members who work in the School of Alternate Education and Virtual Learning Centre for the following positions:

    • Alternate Worksites Representative (sits as a member of the Bargaining Unit Council)
    • Collective Bargaining Committee Representative

    Please read the memo from out-going Alternate Worksites Representative Glenn McDonald for more information.


  • Bill 115 One Year Later - A Statement from the OSSTF Provincial Executive

    September 11, 2013 — One year ago today, Bill 115 was passed by the Ontario Government. The passage of that bill caused a significant disruption to peace and stability in the education sector, Read more ...

  • OSSTF Celebrates Labour Day

    TORONTO, ON - Aug 30 2013 — The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) invites everyone in Ontario to join their 60,000 members in celebrating Labour Day on Monday, September 2. 

    “Labour Day gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the labour movement for over a century in the interests of all workers in our country,” said OSSTF/FEESO President Paul Elliott.   Read more ...

  • Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year from District President Peter Carroll

    Welcome back to start the 2013-2014 school year.

    On the Labour Day weekend, OSSTF and the other unions which comprise the Canadian Labour Congress will be launching a campaign, Together Fairness Works.  This will be a major campaign which will stretch for many months and will utilize the various forms of media and social media in our society.  In addition, there will be an emphasis upon spreading the message through community events.

    The campaign will stress to union members, the public and the decision makers within government and business the benefits associated with unions.  For members, the stress will be upon the positive impact upon working conditions and compensation achieved by working collectively within a union.  For the general public who do not belong to a union, the campaign will emphasize how unions, in influencing public attitudes and legislation, bring benefits to all workers in promoting higher wages, safer working environments, unemployment benefits, a stronger Canada Pension Plan, universal health care, standard family emergency, pregnancy/parental and compassionate care leaves.

    The campaign will also attack the austerity agenda by illustrating the negative outcomes that inevitably affect working citizens and their families wherever this program is pursued by governments.

    The campaign starts this weekend for members of OSSTF District 15 at two local Labour Day picnics. You are encouraged to bring your families to enjoy the activities of these two community social events:

    Together Fairness Works campaign banner