OSSTF Provincial Awards

OSSTF has a variety of awards of recognition at the provincial level.  Some are provincial awards, others are district awards conferred by the Provincial Executive at the recommendation of local leaders.  There are two district awards that the Teachers'/Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit Council asks the Provincial Executive to confer on District 15 members almost every year: Awards of Merit and Honorary Memberships.

Award of Merit

An Award of Merit may be conferred by the Provincial Executive upon a member, who, in the opinion of a District Executive or the Provincial Executive, has rendered meritorious and outstanding service to the OSSTF/FEESO at the provincial, district and/or bargaining unit level. The District Executive shall make application to the Provincial Executive using concrete examples to support the nomination. A District motion of endorsement of the nominee must accompany the application.

Past Local Recipients:

Since 2008, the following members of District 15 have been recommended to the Provincial Executive for an Award of Merit:

2008 - Kim Allsopp, Lyle Steep
2012 - Brenda O’Connor, Doug Saunders
2015 - Dan Burton, John Mazara 
2016 - Bill MacLean, Marilyn Makinson 
2017 - Kenlynne Duke, Phil Dulong
2018 - Sharon Robbins
2019 - Christian Harrington, Jon Rae 
2020 - Cara Anderson, Yvonne Switzer
2021 - Colleen Carew, Jen Paton
2022 - Paul Allore, Ken Mitchell   

Honorary Memberships

Honorary memberships are awarded on request from the District/Bargaining Unit to retiring members who have at least fifteen years of continuous membership in the Federation, and an active interest in its affairs. The application for an Honorary Membership should be made at least one month in advance of the date of presentation. Honorary Members shall include members who have retired after having performed outstanding service and commitment to OSSTF/FEESO and on whom Honorary Membership has been conferred by the Provincial Executive on the recommendation of a District.

Past Local Recipients:

Since 2008, the following members of District 15 have been recommended to the Provincial Executive for Honorary Membership:

2008 - Kim Allsopp, Wayne Cooper 
2010 - Paul Morrisette, Walter Tose
2011 - John Brady, Tim Fenn
2012 - Brenda O’Connor, Jayne Woodcock
2013 - Dina Droppo, Robert Wolfe
2014 - Peter Carroll
2015 - James Coyle, Nancy Prentice 
2017 - Sharon Dibblee, Marilyn Makinson 
2018 - Susan Genosko, Anne McCuaig, Louis Tusz
2019 - Bentley Larson, Glen McDonald, Melissa Stephenson
2020 - Bob Carruth, Jordan Reilly, Lisa Thornton
2021 - Jen Paton, Phil Dulong, Brian J. Taylor
2022 - Michael Arthurs, Kenlynne Duke

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