Bargaining Unit Council

The Bargaining Unit Council (BUC) is comprised of the members of the Bargaining Unit Executive, the Branch Presidents elected in each secondary school, a School of Alternate Education Representative elected by the members in the School of Alternate Education (which includes the 6 AETC worksites, the VLC and the Section 23 schools), and a representative of the Occasional Teachers chosen by the Occasional Teacher members in the Bargaining Unit.

The BUC meets a minimum of five (5) times per year. A number of meetings can be held electronically through video and phone conferencing.

The BUC directs the work of the Bargaining Unit. The Council may establish interim policies which shall form an appendix to the constitution. All interim policies must be approved by the Bargaining Unit Assembly at the Annual General Meeting.

Elections for the Bargaining Unit Executive occurs every two years.  The Bargaining Unit President is elected on a one-member, one-vote basis.  The rest of the Bargaining Unit Executive members (2 Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary) are elected by the delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Bargaining Unit Assembly, as per the Bargaining Unit Constitution and By-Laws.   


The members of the current 2021-2022 Teachers'/Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit Council and their term of office are as follows:

(The position of Chairperson is appointed annually by the Bargaining Unit Council.)

The Executive:

(The Executive, with the exception of the Federation Officer, is elected in even numbered years at the Annual General Meeting.  The current Executive was elected in May 2020, with a term of July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.  The position of President was vacated part way through the current term, causing the Council to make interim appointments in accordance with the Constitution. The position of Federation Officer is appointed in odd numbered years by the Bargaining Unit Council.  The current term is July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023.)

Branch Presidents:

(Branch Presidents are elected annually by members in each school.)

(The Occasional Teachers Representative is elected annually by the Occasional Teacher members of the Bargaining Unit.)

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