Health and Safety Worksite Representatives

Health and Safety Site Representative (Worksite Representatives) perform the monthly health and safety inspections in each of the employer's worksite, and the employer is required to provide time to complete these monthly inspections. Each year, usually in late September or October, the employer is required to offer training to Worksite Representatives to introduce topics such as hazard identification and the inspection process.

Each month a section of a secondary school must be inspected to ensure that workers have a safe and healthy environment. It is recommended that Worksite Representatives meet with the principal/supervisor at the beginning of the year to establish a schedule for the inspection dates. 

The principal does not need to accompany the Worksite Representative. It is the workers responsibility to complete the site inspection.

After completing the monthly inspection, the Worksite Representative reports their findings, in accordance with the employer's procedure, and provides a copy of the inspection to the principal. The principal must provide a response within 5 days. 

Should a Worksite Representative or another member at a worksite have a health and safety concern, follow the Health & Safety Concern Procedure or contact the District Office for guidance.

Branch Health & Safety Representatives:


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